Scandinavian designers have loved us!

We would like to share with you another project with the use of Rivall concrete tiles. This time, our 3D decorative tiles were used in interior design by Milla Alftan – Finnish interior architect and author of the book “ Sisustusmagiaa “(Interior magic). Today we want to show you how Milla Alftan combined tiles from architectural concrete Rivall, with beautiful fabrics and designer furniture. Our tiles were used in three rooms of the living space – in the bathroom, kitchen and sleeping niche. The whole arrangement is maintained in various shades of gray. Such a color minimalism perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Scandinavian interior design.

In the bathroom, Rivall tiles have been combined with a smooth wall surface. The three-dimensional pattern of the tiles has been additionally highlighted by highlighting them with LED sources from the top. Thanks to this, the small space gained an extraordinary depth. However, we were most fascinated with the use of 3d Rivall concrete tiles, on the surface of one of the walls of the micro-bedroom. In this version, architectural concrete has gained a completely new character … Usually associated with a rather harsh climate and cool minimalism, here combined with fleshy curtains, soft cushions and subtle light, gaining a gentle personalization. The wall seems to be velvet to the touch!

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