Artis Visio produces high quality architectural and decorative products made of concrete. At the moment, we have completed nearly 2,700 projects for our customers. We also offer assembly and professional consultancy services in the field of individual orders.

Today, modern, fashionable, charming, individual, delighting in color and quality Artis Visio products can be purchased in 15 countries around the world.

If you are interested in buying or selling our products, write to us. We will be pleased to answer every question.


Marta (on the left) – the treasure of our company. Architect by the large A! Deals with designing, valuation and helps clients in selecting material for the implementation of the intended project. Privately, her warm smile and calm help to solve every situation.

Paulina  (on the right) – supervises the work of the team, leads contacts with customers and fulfills the orders. Finds peace of mind in creative spending time and making her visions in artistic ceramics, steppe or discovering the world.



Arkadiusz – The head of the company

Improving production and creating new designs of our products is its tailstock. He works with passion and great commitment, because he loves everything beautiful. After office – a loving father of two daughters. The unbelievable energy translates into sport: mountain climbing, horse riding, surfing and many, many more …

"Artis Visio"

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Ul. Krakowska 60/1, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

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