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Architectural concrete producer

Our concept for architectural concrete

is to find all areas of its applications. It is often referred to as decorative or structural concrete. By focusing on the possibilities of this perfect material, we encourage you to use concrete in construction products, the area of ​​finishing, lighting, small architecture as well as detail or sculpture.

Architectural concrete is not only a collection of wall claddings such as concrete slabs, elevation slabs, stair cladding, a collection of decorative tiles, which in an unprecedented form of 3D guarantees astonishing visual effects. These are also concrete pots, solid and functional concrete furniture and elements of small architecture adorning streets or city parks. In addition to standard production, we also offer custom and bespoke products. We have learned to extract any shape from concrete thanks to the use of unique strength and quality solutions.

This unique decorative material is an extremely characteristic material that allows us to give an individual image of space, and our practice in the field of interior design allows us to use the concrete potential hidden in concrete. Architectural concrete has its supporters and opponents, it is often extremely judged, but its conscious use will always be noticed and admired.

The concrete look is to bring a subtle yet sophisticated edge to your interiors

About Us

Artis Visio | Decorative Concrete Producer

About Us

Artis Visio is a Polish producer of high quality architectural and decorative products made of concrete. At the moment, we have completed nearly 2,700 projects for our customers.

We also offer assembly and professional consultancy services in the field of individual orders. Today, modern, fashionable, charming, individual, delighting in color and quality, Artis Visio products can be purchased in 15 countries around the world.

If you are interested in buying or selling our products, write to us. We will be pleased to answer every question.

Since 2008, we have created a network of recipients on three continents: Europe, the USA
and Asia.

Bespoke products

Artis Visio | Decorative Concrete Producer

Bespoke Concrete Products

We manufacture a wide range of high quality, bespoke concrete products for both the domestic and industrial markets. Each item is hand made to make your individual and unique requirements. Each work is tilored for your sole needs. Our highly qualified staff will carry out the order according to the set design the latest technological solutions.

Currently, the market for decorative concrete products is dominated by colors giving the impression of natural, raw structure. In our offer you will find non-standard solutions for dyeing architectural concrete, which perfectly match up the existing interior.

Concrete Products

Architectural concrete is a term which in the area of design and architecture has been gaining more and more popularity for several years. It is used both in wall claddings, facade panels, as well as in furniture, tops, furniture concrete fronts, bathroom fittings, small architecture, concrete fronts, or even in small decorative objects. 

However, this concept is purely aesthetic. There are various material technologies behind it, which are of great importance for the possibility of creation, and which also have very different strength and performance parameters.


Artis Visio | Decorative Concrete Producer


Intriguing trends in interior finishing dominate the world of design in recent years. On the one hand, bold colors are never before seen in a cozy home or apartment vs. austerity idea and desire to emphasize the individual character of even the smallest detail of the aesthetic finish. How to reconcile it? You can choose between one and the other. But without exaggeration…